Terms And Conditions

The Terms and Conditions let you know the use of pearlsofwisdomentertainment.com website which is referred to as Services that is listed on our site. This page is all between the providers and you. By accessing our services, you have agreed to these terms and conditions which also includes Privacy Policy by consenting to turn into a gathering to this agreement. The term “Content” means the information, data, logos, text, video and audio clips, graphics, software, written posts as well as programming themes through the services which also includes the user content that is defined below:


The service offered by Pearlsofwisdomentertainment.com is meant for users who are more than 18 years of age. By using our services, you are guaranteeing that you are above 18 years old. In case you are below that please stop using our services.

User Content

Some part of the website allows users to create the content. You totally hold your right in such type of content. All content which you submit may be sent to the third-party verification services. So do not use the content which is confidential.


For enjoying the additional features of the website, you have to log in using third-party services like Facebook to comment under posts. By doing so you give us permission for using the limited information from your profile such as your name, email ID and more as per our privacy policy.

Intellectual Property Rights

All the rights include the content as well as services will be having exclusive rights of Pearlsofwisdomentertainment.com site. You should not copy, reproduce or distribute the content offered by us without our permission.

Reporting Intellectual Property Infringement

We post original contents on our website and are not subject to copyright. If you feel that the content is being copied then send us a mail at keepupdating1992@gmail.con. We will take strict action as per the rule and we will remove the content from our website.

Disclaimer Related to Third-Party Links

The content on our website may contain third party links. These websites may also contain inappropriate information which is beyond our control. We should not be held responsible for such content on third party websites. Moreover, we do not approve, endorse or guarantee the content available on the third-party websites.

No Monetary Liability

Pearl Of Wisdom Entertainment is not responsible for any sort of loss, damages of the users which include profits or loss, hateful content, contains adult content, risks copyright infringement. We are only liable to remove the content and we should not be asked for any sort of monetary compensation.

Changes To This Agreement

We may keep on making changes on the agreement. By keeping on using the website after making the changes, you are bound to agree to the revised agreement.